3 Reasons Why Title Loan is Good For Emergency Situation

No one prays to be in a tight corner where they desperately need to borrow money to bail themselves out of an uncomfortable situation, but life happens when you’re busy planning other things. It can actually get worse when you don’t have a standard credit history that can qualify you for traditional short-term loans. So what do you do? Panic and brood all day? No. Title loan can rescue you from an emergency situation. Below are three reasons why you should use title loans for emergency situations.

You Have Bad Credit Score

As mentioned already, credit reputation matters when planning to apply for a loan, it matters so much that if you have a bad credit score, your chances of getting loan is little to zero. However, title loan lenders don’t care about your credit score, all they are there for is to help someone out of a terrible position.

Quick Process

The process required to get a title loan is easy and anyone can apply to get loan. All you need to get a title loan are: be at least 18 years of age, be the rightful owner of an automobile (car, motorcycle, etc), and have proof of residential address. Many title loan lenders don’t even ask to know your annual income. So, the process can take just a day.


Title loan does not require much for collateral, your lender will only ask for the details of your car – you won’t be given loan if you owe money on your car. Once your vehicle has been valued using the auction price standard, you will be given the loan. Lastly, lenders don’t keep your borrowers’ vehicles, you are still the owner of your car and it will remain in your possession.

At 1st Capital finance we always put our client’s needs first so if you have an emergency and you need a quick title loan, simply get on the phone with our team and we help you get through it.

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