Benefits Of Choosing 1st Capital Title Loan

1st Capital Title Loan is a locally owned and managed financial company servicing both the North and South Carolina, USA. We pride ourselves in our competency to offer quality loan services, by giving borrowers the opportunity to borrow from as low as $650 up to $9999. We have over 13 offices in different parts of the states, and our service has been rated one of the best by local magazines.

We make things really quick and easy for potential borrowers around North and South Carolina – the whole process can be initiated and concluded within 15 minutes.

At 1st Capital finance, we offer an interest rate of 300% on a loan of $1000 with an APR of 300%, 12-month payment term, and lien recording fee at $15. This means the borrower will pay $271.98 for 11 months, pay and $271.89 for the 12th month, totaling $3263.67. Our interest rate is flexible, it depends on the payment timing agreed on with the borrower. Below are some of the benefits of choosing 1st Capital Title Loans

We Offer:

24/7 Customer Support

Available in 13 locations in NC and SC

Car title loan

Motorcycle title loan

Semi truck title loan

Box truck title loan

No prepayment or early payoff fees

Fast pace process – 15 minutes

Flexible interest rate

Best interest rate in North Carolina and South Carolina
So if you need to get fast cash to take care of immediate and remote needs, 1st Capital is just what you need.

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